Unoma Haus


We normally do not provide vans unless you want to include the cost of the van in the entire cost of conversion. At that point, we’ll work with you to acquire a van that you like! On average, most of our customers provide the vans for us to convert.

If you have your own vehicle, you can expect to pay between $35k – $90k depending on what features and amenities you want.

Yes, we offer customer financing for the entire build and in some cases, the vehicle as well. We currently have customer financing options through Enhancify and you can see how much you would be approved for here: And don’t worry, this is a soft pull from your credit report so it will not affect your score.
We work on the Mercedes Sprinter High Roof and Ford Transit High Roof vehicles.

To secure a spot on our build calendar, we require a non-refundable $2,500 deposit. Project payments are usually split into four payments. Deposit (minus the $2,500 already paid) and then three more payments of equal value tied to milestones that you sign off. We will provide videos, photos and plenty of content via your customer portal for you to check in on progress!

We currently accept credit card payments (+ processing fees), Zelle, Wire/ACH transfers and we’re excited to say that we also except payments via cryptocurrency (ETH and XLM + gas fees).

Usually 3-4 months depending on the van length and features. Sometimes we can complete a project sooner, but we like to make sure our vans are high quality.
We use the Laveo Dry Flush toilet for all of our conversions. We’ve found it to be the easiest to maintain, decent price point for our customers and it doesn’t require any special plumbing or cleaning!
Our baseline conversions have propane heaters installed but that can be omitted upon your request. Most of our customers travel through various environments and temperatures so having a heater makes sense.

Yup! It sure is. Vaughn built his home inside a delivery truck in 2019 and he currently lives in it. Pretty neat huh?