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  • Founder:
    Vaughn Dabney
  • Year Founded:
  • Previous Life:
    Software Dev

We're building a company to change
life forever.

Hi, I'm Vaughn Dabney, the founder of Unoma Haus. I started this company shortly after converting a delivery truck into my home. I left my DTLA apartment in 2018 to convert this truck, not knowing it would lead me into starting Unoma Haus. At the time, I was a software developer, but I didn't quite feel I had the impact I desired to have.

Helping people has always been in my nature, especially after building relationships with unhoused, disadvantaged citizens in Downtown Los Angeles (one of the highest populations of unhoused individuals in the U.S.).

As I build Unoma Haus from a new company to something we all can be proud of, the goal and mission are simple: change lives for the better. Redefine forced normalcies that actually hinder people from the basic needs they deserve. Housing is where we're starting but this is just the beginning. We're building a company to change life forever. 

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